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Helping You Use English as a Second Language.


About Me.

My name is Steve, and much of my life has been about teaching. For the past twenty years, I have focussed on teaching English as a second language.

I am based in Budapest, Hungary. However, thanks to the internet, my work is not restricted geographically.

I have also worked in Japan, Egypt, The Netherlands and New Zealand. Thanks to these travels, I have experienced the need to communicate in a foreign language.

I see the English language as a language of communication, understanding, business, beauty.


My Focus

Understanding your requirements and providing a solution.

1-1 lessons

Working on what you want to improve, be it grammar, workplace situations, presentations, anything.

Group lessons

Learning in groups also helps you learn how to work in a team. Learn how to communicate effectively, when to talk, when to listen.


I have worked in engineering and IT, with vast experience in retail, pharma, banking. I ‘speak your language’, so you can speak mine.


I also undertake smaller projects, proofreading, CV and interview preparation.


Get in Touch

Contact me, let’s see what we can do.

Please email me at: steve (at) mahita (dot) net

Here for you

Contact me 24/7. I am here to support you.

About Mahita

Mahita is the Māori word for teacher.

Where to find me

Located in Budapest, Hungary